Artistic Meccas

It’s late. I’m awake and wound up, my mind full of ideas and travel schemes (as usual!).

Naturally, all of this was triggered by the box of argeeleh that fell off my closet shelf as I dug around for a bicycle pump. It got me reminiscing on hours spent whiled away in noisy, smokey cafes along the streets of Jordan. Groups of us passing around the hookah hose, chatting as old friends, although we hardly knew one other.

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Welcome to the Party

Think of this space as your favorite patio or coffee shop. Have you pictured it?

This is a place where stories, pictures, ideas, and conversations take place. From them and from each other we can learn a lot and hopefully add some spice to our lives along the way!

After visiting more than 20 countries spanning 6 continents I have been fortunate to experience a lot of things and cross paths with many people. And I’m sure you have too. 

So for the international, the intrepid, and the interested I’ve created this blog.