Venturing Out

I refuse to live insulated any longer. Insulated – to myself, to the world, to the ideas swirling around, evolving, shaping, and determining my life and yours.

I have been hesitant to foray into the oversaturated world of blogging. But I have been fortunate to experience many things and observe many more. I think a public space, not for me, but for us, as an outlet for discussion and sharing is important.

There are many and more experts, thought-leaders, and mommy bloggers out there, mixed with a barrage of political savants, motivational gurus, and recipe makeover superstars. Great. But let’s take things a step further and get real.

I don’t know about you, but I live in a day to day world that is inundated with information, questions, problems, broadcasts, hashtags, grocery store trips, and decisions that range from donating money to choosing chicken or beef for dinner. In both the mundane and exceptional, I have feelings and opinions that evolve and shift from experience to experience.

Let’s explore these together. Join me on merging our separate but intertwined journeys and lives.

This is what this space is about: removing the bumpers and blinders, the rhetoric and propagandist, the superfluous and the presumptuous. Here we go. We’re leaving the insulated and venturing out.

PS: I’m terrified to be doing this but excited at the same time! Here we go…

2 thoughts on “Venturing Out

  1. Ellie, congrats for taking the first step – creating your own space for writing and sharing your ideas. I did the same a few months ago… 🙂 I first wondered, “who cares what I have to say?” then I thought, “why do I care if anyone cares??” Haha! So I began writing about my travels (and everything that is related to that) as well. Check out “” when you get a chance.

    Looking forward to reading more! Good luck!



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