Artistic Meccas

It’s late. I’m awake and wound up, my mind full of ideas and travel schemes (as usual!).

Naturally, all of this was triggered by the box of argeeleh that fell off my closet shelf as I dug around for a bicycle pump. It got me reminiscing on hours spent whiled away in noisy, smokey cafes along the streets of Jordan. Groups of us passing around the hookah hose, chatting as old friends, although we hardly knew one other.

Then my mind jumped to cigars as I pondered if I could smoke hookah in my apartment, if perhaps a cigar would be simpler and less smokey. Which of course led me to picture myself enjoying a Sherlock Holmes-esque moment tomorrow evening, writing, pondering, and relaxing. I promise, I’m not an old man – Just a gal whose mind runs in story-lines and scene-scapes!

And the rabbit trail continued, cigars brought me to Cuba, Cuba to Havana, and Havana to Hemingway. I’m intrigued and engrossed with the ideas of artistic cities, vibrant with creative zeal and teaming with eccentrics, misfits, nomads, and every other type of character gathered together as the energy to keep ink, paint, and film running.

Cairo was that city for me. An absolute melee, cacophonous in sound, attitude, and energy, I found it to be surging with unbridled potential and eagerness. Contemplating those charmers of old, enshrined in countless novels and imprinted on many a heart, Paris, Rome, Havana, Buenos Aires, New York, Cairo could be next.

It is a city with its doors thrown open, inviting those prepared for what you can’t prepare for; that mysterious future that beckons and calls, promising momentous events in the big and small moments, captured in a conversation, a picture, or a memory. To be there to capture it! That would be amazing.

Until then, I will use my creativity to imagine what the bygone artistic meccas and those who made them must have been like, and consider what those spaces might be today. Who knew a cluttered closet could inspire so much?

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